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It's official, we're collaborating with the Euston Club and The Great Murray River Salami Festival (which has been postponed this year). to bring you The Great Murray River Salami Competition!

The judging format is the same, however, entrants are restricted to postcodes; only the 3549 or 2737 can enter. No one else.

The judges are yet to be announced, but they will be soon. James Mele who is the king judge has committed to being here on the day if covid allows for it.

We also have prize money, kindly donated by the Euston Club!

$500 first prize

$300 second prize

$200 third prize

But the bragging rights that come with winning this competition will be priceless.

Entries close 5pm Thursday 23rd September

Bring forms and samples to Euston Club or Network House

Join us via live stream or at the Euston Club from 3pm Friday 24th September 2021