1848 Collection & Euston Station

Robinvale Basketball Association has been working tirelessly to get the season going and the Robinvale Euston Rangers Cricket Club have resurrected the club after approximately 16 years of dormancy so we’re speaking to Leon and Trav next, followed by a Mildura Living feature at Euston Station Homestead with Bobby Hammet.

Euston Station Run… this is the site

that Edmund Morey pegged out in 1846.

1.2 million acres of harsh Mallee land what would eventually become Euston Station and then the township of Euston in 1885.

Euston was sold multiple times throughout the 19th and 20th centuries mainly due to drought and the harsh conditions we still deal with today, but imagine doing that 170 years ago…

Around 1968 Euston Station was sold to the Tyack Family and Euston came to life with the new era of irrigated horticulture.

In 2017 Brett and Bobby Hammet purchased the property and the original log cabin homestead that Morey built in 1848. It was still standing at the time of purchase and since then, but been restored and brought back to life through sheer passion, dedication and good old fashion Mallee grit.

The homestead sits on a private billabong just off the Murray River exactly 5 kilometers from Euston town and is a beautiful B & B & homewares store.

When Bobby tells the story of acquiring and restoring the homestead, you can’t help but at admire her conviction, her dedication and the drive it’s taken to bring it back to the beautiful homestead you see today.

The original claw bath is still in the outdoor bathroom, the tools and artefacts that have been recovered from the ground hang on the wall in the workshop which sparks a visual montage in the minds eye of just want it must have taken to settle and build on this very spot, using the primitive tools we now use as decoration.

And is that Morey’s pipe sitting in his bedroom?

Being at Bobby’s place is instantly relaxing allowing the mind to wander back to 1848 and think about everything that has unfolded through the past 170 years, sitting in the air conditioned & styled comfort of the 21st century.

You may recall see stunning images of it on the front cover of Mildura Living Magazine’s 2020 summer issue and the beautiful feature on the property. This week, Bobby hosted the ladies of Mildura Living whilst I just came along for the ride, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

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