A conversation with Dr Anne Webster, Federal Member for Mallee

I won’t lie, I’ve been waiting for the right time and opportunity to have Dr Webster on this little podcast and I got the opportunity this week.

Conversations with Dr Anne Webster, Federal Member for Mallee is now LIVE for everyone.

We discuss Dr Webster’s background, the RAMP (Regional Agricultural Migration Program) t & labour issues, water infrastructure & a new dam in Northern NSW, the idea of a regional planning scheme to give those of us living in regional and rural areas more flexibility to solve some of the accommodation issues and she commits to advocate on the floor of Parliament for Robinvale specifically.

Developing relationships with your local Members is vital, especially when we're so far away from the centre of the universe as far as Government is concerned, so we look forward to having Dr Webster on in 2020, and shall await a date for her mobile office to hit Robinvale in the new year.

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