A mixed bag full of young people

This week we've got a mixed bag and there's no water in it. Well, not much, but there are total fire bans, cancelled bus runs and all sorts of other things that are on the cards for Robinvale when we chat to Councillor Bill Moar who is the new SHRCC Mayor. Now we've only popped about 25 minutes of what was a conversation well over an hour with Cr Moar. You can hear the complete unedited version on our Patreon page.

It turns out Travis Bussell likes the sound of his own voice, and he also gets good nummbers for this podcast, so he's back and has brought with him, a Clontarf Award winner, Salutu Felise from the Robinvale Clontarf Academy to talk about their awards night. Lutu gives it to Trav about his conduct and basketball ability too which is GOLD.

Will Burns from Youth Inc tells about all of the opportunities for young people in and around The Vale.

He's got a survey that Youth Inc. would like you to help out with and you could win one of 10 x $100 vouchers!

Click here if you are between the ages or 12 - 25.

Then Salutu is back with his Dad Luka to talk local basketball & the All Star game.

To get the full conversation we had with Mayor Councillor Bill Moar,  head to our Patreon page -

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