A nostalgic chat with Jamie Siddons

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The resurgence of the Robinvale Euston Rangers Cricket Club has brought a few former local cricketers, a few very handy cricketers, and the odd international cricketers out of the woodwork willing to chip in whatever it takes to get things happening.

Jamie Siddons is arguably one of Robinvale's most famous modern day exports having had a stellar first class cricket career and going on to coach Bangladesh and also being assistant coach to one of the best Australian sides ever. We've been talking about tracking him down for a couple of years now, but the search ended when he contacted recently elected club president Tom Lister offering a hand with anything he needed, so this week, Jade, Donny & Tom got to sit down and have a chat with the great man about his memories playing in Robinvale with his Dad, the Manangatang pub and setting Blue Hills on fire.

Donny also talks about a bat that he has that used to belong to Spud McMonnies, given to him by Siddo, and this is that very bat.

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