Ali Cupper & Dr Anne Webster

With so much going on and the going down of one local news outlet, we thought it would be remise of us to carry on as though nothing was happening, especially when both of our representatives are so generous with their time. That, and this little podcasting nest I've set up for myself is working quite well. I've even found and old "RAward" I won in 2001.

There's a part in the middle where I talk about how we don't often get to hear from both State and Federal MP's at length and how similar, but also what a stark contrast their jobs are.

We don't only talk about the Covid Crisis though, we talk about the Mildura Base hospital with Ali & the agriculture industry and the challenges they're facing at the moment with Dr Webster. Yes, I'm a bit of a political nerd but I really enjoy the conversations we get to have with intelligent women, and Charlootz of course, and they're on the front line so they can answer all of your questions. If you have any you would like us to ask in the future, please contact us and we shall compile a list.

Charlie has also gone about compiling a list of helpful resources around Covid-19 and here they are; (scroll to the end to be taken to the SBS Multi-lingual site)

The Australian Government Website should be your first port of call:

Dr Anne Webster's website as mentioned in her chat is & Facebook page for the farmers survey is here.

DHHS Victoria webpage: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-2019): Guideline for health services and general practitioners.

Department of Health and Human Services Victoria | Health services and general practice - coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Clinical resources and guides, case definition, pandemic plan and checklists.

DHHS Victoria webpage: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) | Department of Health and Human Services Victoria On this webpage you can find information and guidance about the current outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This is a rapidly changing situation, so please visit this webpage for regular updates.

Victoria Premier press release: State Of Emergency Declared In Victoria Over COVID-19

State Of Emergency Declared In Victoria Over COVID-19 | Premier of Victoria A State of Emergency has been declared in Victoria to combat COVID-19 and help to provide the Chief Health Officer with the powers he needs to enforce 14-day isolation requirements for all travellers entering Australia and cancel mass gatherings of more than 500 people, as agreed by National Cabinet yesterday.

Prime Minister of Australia Media Statement: 18-03-2020

Update on coronavirus measures | Prime Minister of Australia The focus for the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments is the health and wellbeing of Australians and their livelihoods, ensuring that Australia is positioned to emerge strong and resilient from this global pandemic crisis.

Australian Government: Department of Health – Coronavirus (COVID-19) isolation guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) isolation guidance This information sheet provides guidance on isolation and coronavirus (COVID-19).

DHHS: Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing and other transmission reduction measures

Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission reduction measures | Department of Health and Human Services Victoria Slowing the spread of coronavirus in Victoria. Victorians should act now to reduce the risk of infection from coronavirus disease (COVID-19). There are a number of actions that Victorians can take, and a number of actions that employers and organisations can start to take, to help reduce the risk of infection and slow the spread of coronavirus in the Victorian community.

Victoria Premier: Statement from the Premier – Coronavirus response

SBS Radio - In Your Language.

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