Ambushed or summonsed to appear, whichever makes the better story

This week was a little different. The normal recording routine was ambushed by Charlie Albanese and Quentin Norton in an attempt to get more of a background story on yours truly.

The Robinvale District Health Services AGM was the birthplace of this idea when I presented my life's philosophy "It's all about the book."

If you get to the end of your life and you had to sit down and read a book about it, would it be a good read with lots of stories and twists and turns, or would it be pretty bland and straightforward?

So that presentation was all about how this philosophy has lead me to places like Mountain View California, LA, NYC, Noosa QLD, London, Darwin and all the way back to Robinvale.

We must thank Jussy once again for making Loft 13 available after hours for us, it's a great space to sit and chat away the afternoon!

Norton did get called out on a job as it's his 8 days on, then Donny had to go coach basketball, so in the end it was just myself and Charles chewing the fat and of course we forgot to take a photo whilst everyone was there, so we staged one after we finished so we at least had something to work with.

The boys thought it appropriate seeing as though I celebrated my 40th birthday in January, so perhaps a lovely way to celebrate. Not sure if it worked or not and it's hard to squeeze 40 years into less than 1 hour, but it was a comical chat and I must thank them for my lovely bottle of champagne I was gifted during the event which we shall hopefully quaff in a couple of weeks.

It's interesting being on the other side of the questions for a change and if there's anything you'd like more details on, feel free to contact us, or Donny directly and he can ask the question for you.

Enjoy my 40th birthday special, produced by Charlootz, Norto and Donny, executive producer Charles Albanese.

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