ANZAC Day special

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

GOULLET, PERCY PITT: Service number 5022 of the 21st Australian Infantry Battalion

Percy was the youngest of Frederick Thomas Goullet and Susan McPherson’s 14 children.

A keen cyclist, Percy enlisted on 2nd February 1916, aged 22.

In October 1918, his 21st Battalion participated in the Australian attack on the Germans at Montbrehain.

During this battle, Percy earned the Military Medal for “displaying great courage and daring”.

This is my ANZAC - Private Goullet is my great grandfather.

After the war he acquired a soldier settlement property in the Mallee, which is how my Mum’s side of the family ended up in Boundary Bend, or more specifically, Natya.

ANZAC Day is something sacred, and it should be all Australians. Regardless of background, race or religion.

The freedoms we enjoy in 2021, are because of our serving National Servicemen and Women like my Grand Dad Percy, and like our cousin Jason who currently serves in the Australian Navy.

I believe they should be commemorated and honoured each and if you get the chance to sit down and talk with someone who has served, do it. It will change your whole perspective on life. We are about to do that now.

Brian Handreck is the president of the Robinvale Sub branch of the RSL, and he agreed to come in and have a chat to me about his time in National Service during the Vietnam war, and about this Sunday’s services around the district.

Personally, I am ever thankful to our diggers, our veterans and our current service men and woman and I encourage you to honour them if only in the smallest way possible, by attending an ANZAC service this Sunday.

Robinvale, Euston and Boundary Bend all have the regular services starting at dawn, Euston at 9, the march at 10 and Boundary Bend at 3pm. Details can be found in the Robinvale Sentinel or in this week's ANZAC special podcast which you can find here.

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