At The Jack Bar & Bistro

Sometimes life gets in the way of having a regular routine with this podcast, but with a community like we have in Robinvale and people openly inviting us to record at their place, we can always work around it. One day the dream is to have a studio caravan that we can take to markets, the footy, the ski race, Almond Blossom Festival etc, but for now, we set up wherever we're able and this week it was at the Jack Bar & Bistro!

Alison was buzzing around as we were talking about the redundancy of AFL's Football Development Officer, Trevor Ryan in Sunraysia so she jumped on to have a yarn about Seamus & gives us a bit of an unofficial exclusive.

Jack is preparing for his new role at Robinvale Network House but is, in fact, keeping a close eye on the value of the Dong with a holiday back to his Motherland coming up in January. Is it just us, or does Jack get funnier every week?

Quentin Norton is a regular, but he's a smart guy so we'll keep him. However, there has been some things revealed to one of the co-hosts during the week that does need to be addressed. It's also something that needs to be addressed whilst his colleague and friend Charlie (Charlootz) Albanese is also sitting in on the chat.

Norto talks to us about the measles outbreak in Mildura as well as gives a small commentary on the Australian Test Cricket side, his basketball side and the goings on at RDHS.

Then to finish off this week's regular episode, we have one of everyone's favourites,

affectionately known "Steviepie", although Donny was not ballsy enough to call him that whilst recording this bit.

To others he's known as number 23... but not because of LeBron... trust him.  He's an MJ loyalist.

But every single person you talk to that knows Steven Bowden just loves the guy.  Mild mannered, a little shy and softy spoken until he runs onto a basketball court,  Steve Bowden Jnr is off to the Australian Indigenous Basketball Tournament in Cairns, before playing in Perth in 2020.

We had a chat to him about it all on the podcast this week, and those who get the free version,  don't get the full version,  so here it is!

We had the pleasure of also having Leanne Adcock in to discuss the measles outbreak, infectious diseases and immunisations, however it made the episode far too long and it was information and a piece that was incredibly valuable so we're made it available only for our Patrons. Until next week when we may include a short version in the regular episode.

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