Aunty Rose Kirby, it's an absolute pleasure

Charlie is really proving himself to be much more than just "the talent", or just "bringing the LOLs".

He's now helping out the producers and sourcing guests each week and this week whilst at a Robinvale Euston Suicide Prevention meeting at Network House, he sought out one of

Robinvale's Elders, Aunty Rose Kirby.

It was apparent as soon as she walked into our ever evolving studio however, that perhaps Charlootz didn't brief her as well as he should have, but Aunty Rose took it in her stride and sat down for a yarn.

Yarn she did, we have a good chat about the 42K for 42K event on Saturday to celebrate the NAIDOC Virtual March/Run. We spoke about her experiences with mental health, her family, we just brushed on her childhood, where she was born and the birthday she's celebrating next year.

For her podcast debut she's done a magnificent job, and we can't thank her enough and Charlie for organising. We'd love to have you back to tell us more stories Aunty Rose, it's always an absolute joy to see your smiling face.

Did you know there's a mini series being filmed in Robinvale right now?

Gerard Veltre from Phunktional Arts is on the phone, because he's directing the whole thing via Zoom! The things we do during iso!

It's called "Beneath The Vale" and it's a great story. It's fictional, it's funny from what we hear and Gerard gives us a scoop on a special cameo role by a famous DJ & they're also the very first group who aren't part of the podcast (Although, with that name you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise) to utilise our space at Network House. Well done to everyone involved, we can't wait to see it.

Of course, this Covid-19 situation is rearing it's ugly virus head once more and RDHS are keeping us well informed. We received these updates just this afternoon.

Local COVID restrictions

RDHS is still in lockdown as it has been since March 2020.  However, if you have visited Melbourne in the last 14 days, you are advised not to attend any campus of RDHS. 

Adults may continue to visit loved ones in Aged Care by prior arrangement and visits are limited to two people per person per day for no more than two hours. You will continue to have your temperature taken and RDHS will provide you with a mask that you are required to wear during your visit. If you are unwell or have visited Melbourne in the last 14 days, please do not visit.

For people attending the Health and Wellbeing Centre (Primary Care) you must have an appointment.  You will need to continue to wait outside until a staff member can take your temperature.  If you are unwell, or have been to Melbourne recently, please contact Reception by phone to reschedule your appointment. 

If you like listening to the podcast, come in for a chat, next week is our 50th episode!

How exciting.

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