Bring the Bendigo Spirit to Robinvale

Donny is finishing the very last of his picking, Charlie is in mourning over not being on his Coachella holiday, and I have been off the farm twice in the past three weeks.

Needless to say, things are a little slow for some of us right now, but never fear… Donny will be back next week and we shall be talking to Noel Costa about all of the Government Subsidies and stimulus packages available for everyone, blockies, casuals, the self employed etc etc.

This week though, I thought I’d feature this little chat I had with a bloke called Mick.

Mick is the marketing and commercial partnerships manager at Bendigo Stadium Limited, who are the home of the WNBL team the Bendigo Spirit.

Last year, I got a call from him with an idea to bring the Spirit to the region, to do all of that stuff that national sports organisations and athletes should do. So I will ask him the question, but first we got a little nostalgic, as happens when you’re chatting with old friends.

Next week Donny will be finished picking and after our conversation this week, he’s in pretty good spirits… Charlie will be around somewhere and we shall see if we can check in with him too and get his cardboard cut out auctioned off!

For now – stay home, stay safe and support local business.

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