Charlie's birthday week, new developments & golf

It's taken three attempts to get Michael Smith into the studio to talk about golf and the golf club, so third time lucky.

He's here, he's ready and he's got a fair bit to say. I know, surprising right! Michael was my second choice to run in the "Farmer Wants A Wife" casting call last year, and although he didn't say no, those talks have been postponed to see if another season will be produced. This week he's here to talk about the golf club, the progress with the motel, the challenges that having their main stream of revenue cut off is having and about how much water it takes to keep the fairways green... it's a LOT!

We also have the inevitable potato cake debate and chat about Saturday comp and take away meals.

Jack sits down to run us through what's happening at Network House these days, the sewing machines, and the situation with Seasonal Workers crossing the border.

Alan Fisher, yes, the same Alan Fisher who was the former owner of Fisher's IGA in Robinvale is on the phone from his lockdown in Port Melbourne to discuss an exciting, potential new development for Robinvale, and the ever evolving Fisher's Development at Irymple, which former local Joel McKinnon now houses his Thai Restaurant. The best thai in Mildura Charlie tells us.

Fisher's Developments are the newest sponsors of The Vale Podcast and we thank them and welcome them to the family!

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