Collaboration with Manangatang P-12

In the interests of talking about all sorts of careers, career paths etc we thought we'd complete a little project with Manangatang P-12 VCAL students.

They have created their own podcast so with the help of Scarlett who is not our official correspondent on the street, we had a brief to fill and fill it we did.

We each had to do a news story, write and produce commercials for local businesses and find someone to interview.

Kale & TB did a great job with their interviews scoring chats with two local Manangatang legends Rod "Codmac" MacKenzie and Jeff "Gibbo" Gibson.

Charlie and I had Robinvale local legend and Gary Ablett Junior look alike Ben Rogers.

Scarlett has done the most incredible job with her news report I can't encourage you more to check out the full video on our YouTube channel.

We end obviously with a chat about a little game being played this weekend. In fact, two games being played this weekend.

Ben may end up having to wear a Richmond jumper for a week if the Cats lose.

We shall see you on the otherside, we know have to go deep dive into Dimma's strategies and tatics for Saturday's game, then prepare to back it up for Sunday's match against the Panthers which could possibly be the G.O.A.T Cameron Smith's final game. In Dimma we trust - Go Tiges!

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