Cricket, footy & performing arts. At least we're balanced

Next time we ask Ricardo to come in to have a chat to us, we might tell Donny to stay at home. Honestly, he was like Don King promoting one of his fighters in the 80's! Poor Ricardo could barely get a look in, but the few words he did say should be well noted.

Not only has the young man got ability and dedication to his football, but he's got an attitude that will take him anywhere he wants to go in life.

Speaking of attitude, Tom Lister came in to give me some and to discuss the resurrection of the Robinvale Rangers Cricket Club Inc. It's real and it's happening.

After a board meeting with the Red Cliffs Cricket League this week, Robinvale is back on the board and Tommy is driving this ship.

We also talk to him about footy and about his hard working better half and what he brings to the relationship. Food is the short answer.

To keep things balanced we're also talking about the arts this week with Gerard Veltre from Phunktional Arts who are returning to Robinvale with some of the biggest names in hip hop, dance and the performing arts. Gerard has all the details and it all starts on Monday evening with dinner and a show.

Get all of the details on their Facebook page.

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