The Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 4) Amendment (No 5) 2020 was signed, effective 12 September 2020.

The Order extends the critical service (agriculture) class of permit to allow:

-NSW residents to re-enter NSW after travelling 100km into Victoria (other than in a restricted area or COVID-19 area of concern) to provide certain critical agriculture services, without having to fly to Sydney and enter mandatory quarantine as a returning NSW resident.

-Victorians to move within Victoria (other than in a restricted area or COVID-19 area of concern) and remain eligible to travel up to 100km into NSW to provide critical agriculture services.

A full list of restricted areas and area of concern are available on the NSW Government website.

Under the critical service (agriculture) permit, a must:

-not be able to be provided remotely -not be available within a 100km radius in the State where the service is to be provided.

In addition, if you are a critical service agriculture worker, to enter NSW you must:

-not have been in a or a within the last 14 days -travel by the most practicable direct route between where the service is provided and your home or accommodation -comply with a -have documentary evidence that the critical agricultural service meets the criteria (this must be signed by the head of the organisation that employs you or if you are self-employed, the person you are providing the service to).

If you are a Victorian resident, in addition to the above which applies to all critical service agriculture workers, you person must

(a) self-isolate except when providing the service, and

(b) not travel more than 100 km north of the border.

If you are a NSW resident, you must

(a) not travel more than 100 km south of the border, and

(b) self-isolate on returning to NSW except when providing a critical agriculture service in NSW, unless the NSW resident self-isolated for the whole time the person was in Victoria except when providing the critical agriculture service.

For more information regarding eligibility and how to apply for a Critical Services (Agriculture) Permit, or to seek an exemption, contact Service NSW.

Please note that the implementation of the Agriculture Workers’ Code will be done separately.


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