Episode 20 - Live at Robinvale Leading Appliances

What a terrific day we had yesterday at Leading Appliances talking about last minute gift ideas that hadn't been thought of, especially for teenagers, because how hard are teenagers to buy for?

We start the podcast with our wonderful emergency services members, Krystle Williams from Robinvale Police & Charles Albanese from Ambulance Victoria who hangs around to co-host because Donny is really busy covering grapes before Christmas.

We also catch up with Rod "Codmac" MacKenzie to talk about fishing and camping on the river over Christmas, and Emily Zappia from Z & Zee hand delivers a special Christmas gift!

We also have a special visit from Robinvale's favourite basketball export, Steven Bowden who also brings gifts in the way of coffee and jelly cakes, because he must know that those jelly cakes are Jade's favourite.

It's his birthday today (Christmas Eve) so please send him lots of love and wishes, because how annoying to have a birthday on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - happy birthday to you if you're celebrating one.

This is our final episode for the year, so please get in and shop at Leading Appliances so we can do it again in the new year. Thank you for supporting this podcast concept. It is because of you that it began and will continue to run in 2020. Robinvale shouldn't be without a local broadcast media source. We're matter enough to create our own, so please continue to spread the word of our own little piece of the podcast pie, made by locals, especially for locals, talking about things that matter to locals.

If you'd like to take an extra step and make a small contribution to help support the HUGE amount of work that goes into producing this show each week, you can do so for a small monthly donation via our Patreon page.

Becoming a Patron from as little as $5USD per month helps with website costs, hosting costs, and helps justify the 15+ hours each week it takes to produce. We can't live on 5 star reviews alone.

You can become a Patron here:

Also a tremendous, massive, heartfelt thanks to our business sponsors who have advertised with us this year;

- Robinvale Leading Appliances (who are open until 5:30pm Christmas Eve & then again for their Boxing Day sale from 10am)

- Pioneer Ford, It's worth the drive.

- Autopro Robinvale, who provided the live site last week.

- The Robinvale Sentinel, who provide us with a space to record in each week.

- The Wemen Store who do a magnificent job of feeding the hosts & guests with beautiful, fresh food.

- Bruce Ginn Nationwide Jewellers

- Z & Zee, for our fabulous printed shirts, logo ornament & the star atop the Christmas Tree

- Loft 13 who ran some ads and provided a space to record our most downloaded episode which you can listen too any time. Titled "STORYTIME: Suicide attempts and other stories."

Thanks to the guy who voices our intros & outros, the LA connection, Ant Simpson, who has been doing free voice overs for me since 2003 and continues too from his studio in LA so I thank you so much Ant!

Our other voice overs for ads they've voiced - Triple M's Silco, Nova 100's Nikole Gunn, The Morning Rush's Kate Meade & Ace Radio's Jon Vertigan. The network runs far and wide and you're all legends so thank you!

Also, I must take time to thank my co-host Donny Falvo, who I would think without whom, the immediate uptake and popularity of this project may not have been as big. In any case, he's giving up his time most weeks and we really appreciate it. I know the football community and the table grape community appreciate your honest voice Donny so thank you so much for not hesitating and jumping on board from the concept stages.

It's been a huge year, and the reaction and enthusiasm for this podcast has been overwhelming so thank you to everyone who has downloaded, streamed, shared, contributed as a guest or reviewed. It is more appreciated than you know, but it is long hours and hard work, so I'm having a rest for a month.

Our Patron's will continue to get regular content, and also exclusive news when it breaks early in the new year.

Thanks again, have a safe and happy new year, keep Robinvale beautiful and enjoy the fruits of the season.

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