Episode 53 | 14th August | Important Conversations

This podcast was created for a few of reasons;

1. To give the people of Robinvale, ALL of the people of Robinvale, access to a LOCAL broadcast news service full of information that is relevant to our region.

2. To give the different language speaking communities the opportunity to broadcast local information and news in language, hence, in some small way, creating a sense of inclusion across sub-sections of the community.

3. To give the community a voice. A platform to voice opinions, thoughts & ideas. We all have them. Why shouldn't we share them on a medium that encourages face to face conversation, engagement and robust discussion.

So when we get calls from different people within our community wanting to participate, wanting to have a voice and wanting to have important conversations, we get really excited. Ebony Urquhart contacted me a few weeks ago with an idea to have a chat about the 'Black Lives Matter' movement among other things, and I jumped at the chance.

These are important conversations to have, and we want to have more of them, with as many people as we can, with as many points of view as possible so we can gain a broad understanding of different issues.

I'm so grateful to Marie, Shirley & Eb for coming in for a chat, and for some important conversations.

This is just the first part of a two part podcast discussing everything from BLM, The Stolen Generation & stories from days past.

The beautiful artwork on the promo and featured here was done by Ebony herself and you can see more on her Facebook page: EBONY JAIE ARTS or on Instagram

*A warning to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, this podcast does talk about people who have passed away.

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