It's not our own radio station, but it will be fabulous, and there are far less laws around podcasting than there are around commercial broadcast, so happy days and thank you.

This is an idea I've had in the works for the past two years, and after it was rejected by the first party it was offered too because they had the space and the equipment to facilitate such a venture, it was shelved. Mainly because I figured if they didn't want to support it when it made so much sense to integrate this idea and learning, then maybe it is a terrible idea.

Still, it was an idea I couldn't let go of so when I asked the question on socials a month or so ago, imagine my surprise when I got such an overwhelming YES! Please!

So here we are. Thank you for supporting this crazy, time consuming idea of mine. I'm hoping this will actually just be another sector of my business which offers Robinvale businesses a new way of communicating with a whole new demographic so fingers crossed. Having said that, I do need to make one thing clear, The Vale Podcast is a Clear Eyes Media production, not a Swan Hill Rural City Council production. Council are not funding this project in anyway shape or form, however, the CEO & other Councillors are in full support of the project and feel is a great way to communicate and give different sections of our community a way to get information which is something we've really lacked.

Still a couple of little technical things to work through, like trying to figure out RSS feeds, and codes and all the rest of it so we can also have it on Apple Podcasts & Google Play but I'll get there, stand by for a Wednesday evening drop with a very special guest host.

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