Food & live music

There's no politics at all this week, we're getting back to the things we love - food & live music with a side of running!

Luke is in to talk about the 42K for 42K Fundraising campaign for local mental health services which is really starting to gain momentum as far as donations and support goes which leads into a new guest on the show - Kim Natale.

Kim is the brains behind the brand that is Robinvale Estate Olive Oil and she came in with a BEAUTIFUL bag of goodies to talk about how her business is going to help support the cause.

You can go to the Robinvale Estate website right now to purchase some of these magnificent products all whilst helping out with much needed donations toward the $42K goal.

Paul Costa doesn't need much convincing to bring his guitar and voice in so when I ran into him at Loft 13 in the morning and he expressed how quiet he was due to Covid-19 I didn't even need to get close to his arm to twist it. He was in the car already.

There's a discussion about Charlie stealing his limelight once upon a time and to play a couple of tunes for us because we're all desperately missing the live music scene.

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