Football, politics, import permits and tax!

Listen up, you may learn quite a bit this week.

It has been quite an eventful week in Robinvale so we thought we'd get to the bottom of it all, or at least try. No Donny. No Charlie. So very few LOL's, but lots of information, and information is very valuable.

You may've seen on our socials this week, a chat with Mayor Cr Bill Moar about the Bromley Road project which ultimately didn't fit into the regular episode this week.

However, if you're a VIP you would've already seen the full conversations with Dr Webster, Cr Moar and Phil about the SFNL season 2020 withdrawal.

Phil lays it all on the table. All of the details for all to hear. Not the way he or the club would have liked, but we don't always get what we'd like. He's also joined by his strength. His beautiful wife Sarah who is relived of home schooling duties and is free to have lunch with her husband.

Dr Anne Webster MP has been working tirelessly on getting Indonesian import permits, particularly for our table grape growers and although it's too late this year, they have finally come through, and hopefully the process will be somewhat easier, and earlier next season.

Then we finish off with Noel's Top 5 tax tips for this time of year, along with some of my own curly questions because I do not like numbers nor admin, so we're all getting free advice.

If you'd like more advice you can find Noel Costa at Southern Cross Business Advisers.

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