Free and valuable advice from Noel

If you're currently operating a business in Robinvale, there's a fair chance you'd know the bloke dishing out the advice on this week's edition of The Vale Podcast.

He's another member of Shadow Rock, and Donny's accountant, Noel Costa from Southern Cross Business Advisers.

He's done his research, as all good accountants should, on the current Federal and State benefit and stimulus packages regarding Covid-19 and the situation we're faced with.

There's a lot of good advice here, and a few laughs as well, which is going to happen with you get Charlootz, Noel & Donny on the same Zoom meeting. Especially when Charlie's new "5G" phone is rubbish because there are only some 5G pockets in Mildura.

Poor Charlie.

I did find myself laughing a lot during the meeting and during post production though, so have a listen and if you'd really like a laugh, sign up to become a VIP - Very Important Patron, because they now have the video of the meeting, uncut and raw in their feed!

You can do that here

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