Iggy Jukes - Junior Player Of The Week, and the beginning of something new!

We have two very special guests this week, one of which we've been trying to get on the pod for a long time, and that is Triple M Junior Player Of The Week, Ignatius Jukes.

The kid is the oldest 10 year old I've ever met and is swiftly becoming my junior Council as far as planning for the future for young people in Robinvale so it's great to finally have him on the pod!

He's honestly the oldest 10 year old I know and incredibly funny so you'll enjoy this as much as we did!

Also, the one on the right is Alphie, Iggy's younger brother who has some input from over in the corner and also wanted to be in the photo. He clearly thinks his big brother is a bit of alright!

We also have Bec Marciano in who plenty of you would know, but how much to do you actually know?

This is the start of a regular segment with Bec because we both agree that women are underrepresented pretty much everywhere.

We also agree that you might know faces you see in cafes, shops or in the street everyday, but how much do you really know?

Where is her accent from? No, she's not Irish or from Liverpool!

Did you know Bec ran away and joined the navy at 16 years old or that she thought Robinvale was going to be like Wolf Creek?

Bec is also now a real estate agent, but we shall get to that down the line, we have a LOT of other things to unpack first like how she ended up here, what she thought of her brother in law in the first instance and how she came to buy a stolen car!

As well as that, we really have to talk about the British Monarchy and how long Her Majesty has left... I'd suggest we do that post haste!

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You'll also be able to hear the next part of Bec's story early next week rather than waiting a fortnight for it so sign up now and support this podcast, as well as helping it keep running. This stuff isn't cheap.

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