It's cod opening very soon, so it would be rude not to have a yarn with the 'Cod God' himself.

Here’s a lesson for you. If you get poo'ed on at the beginning of the day, stay home.

Don’t tempt fate.

It’s the universes way of telling you to have a day off.

You might think it could only go up from there but no... that’s a clear indication of the pattern the day shall take.

Being a mother, it’s a regular occurrence to have another human's faecal matter, vomit and other bodily fluids on your hands or clothes, and as mothers we deal with that with a certain air of whimsy and nonchalance. But sometimes, particularly when you don’t notice the poop, perhaps it means you're not concentrating.

Perhaps that is exactly how we ended up in a right pickle this week.

We had a terrific show lined up this week with Paul Costa as a guest co-host with his guitar to sing us a song or 2!

That’s exactly what we did and you may have seen the Facebook live feed.... the audio in that was filled with white noise from what I’m putting down to radio interference from our wonderful emergency services across the road. If you’re ever listening to the radio along Bromley Road you might notice how it fuzzes up going past the CFA. We can put it down to that because I have no other explanation.

Previous to that though my computer wouldn’t let me open the audio software suite I use. It just kept coming up with some dialogue box warning about 'another copy open, could cause a catastrophic crash blah blah blah.'

So after some searching on forums and some clever problem solving I somehow managed to change part of the code or something to get it to open as per normal. Which it did and we were away...

Here we are having a great time, singing songs and what not, then I farewelled Paul so he could get on with his life.

Next I had Rod McKenzie or as I was instructed to call him Rod “The Messiah” McKenzie on the phone to talk about fishing and camping and try to get some of his secret spots out of him.

Well the catastrophic crash that little dialogue box warned me about, happened.

That 'blah blah blah' bit may have had something to do with it but it was catastrophic at least to me.

It was a bloody good episode and that, along with everything I’d created in the last 48 hours... GONE!

I spent the entire day trying to restore and recover the audio I had recorded that morning and NOTHING.... just nothing.

This crash did happen whilst on the phone to Rod so I managed to reboot the thing and record most of the valuable information & conversation but still... I was gutted.

I still am. I was so proud of it, and then nothing!

About 87 attempts to recover the lost and unsaved audio, my four year old son came in to check on me.

Peyton hangs out with me at the Sentinel after preschool on podcast days and he came in, gave me a cuddle and said, “does this mean we can’t listen to your podcast anymore Mum?”

With a sad little look in the blue eyes his father gave him.

My heart melted and said “oh mate, only this week, but I’ll do another one later. Do you like Mamma’s podcast?”

“Yeah.” And with that gave me a smile and a cuddle and toddled off to get Kato to print him another super hero to colour in!

Perspective hurts when it slaps you right in the face doesn’t it?

It’s not life or death, and when I messaged Paul to let him know he did say he’d be back next week so we can call it a dress rehearsal! What a guy.

So this week, we’re talking about fishing with Mr Codmac himself, Rod McKenzie, who was at home in Manangatang preparing for cod opening.

Here presents an opportunity to make this week's episode all about Rod & cod & the Murray River, so I started thinking about putting it together using some of the audio from the iFish episode he talks about. If you know anything about copyright and broadcasting laws in Australia you'd know I need permission to do that, so with a quick email to Tom at iFish TV, I had a phone call in about 4 minutes, and supplied audio within the hour!

Unbelievable that a show who's coming up on their 500th episode would spare the time for our little podcast, but make no mistake, they're not doing it for me. They're doing it for Rod. Tom did say, they'd do anything for him because he is a legend, so it's an honour to have someone of Rod's esteem on this week's episode.

And if I get poo'ed on again, I might take the hint and go home, or I might just wipe it off, stand up straight, put some lipstick on and concentrate more on warnings whence they present themselves !

For all of the camping and fishing information for this area, head to the Parks Victoria website.

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