It's Magpie Season

It's never magpie season in a good way and I'm still a little perplexed as to how a Collingwood supporter can have such distain for Richmond supporters. In any case, it is Spring and that means Magpies are out and vicious.

Donny and James have been battling one particular bird who's being fed by Donny's Mum. Perhaps the bird is merely protective of the hand that feeds him, or maybe it just doesn't like the boys.

We're looking for more magpie sightings, swoopings or funny stories to tell on next week's podcast, so feel free to contact us.

Also this week we're speaking to Charlie Albanese, Nikki & Anna from RDHS and Steph Ryan, Shadow Minister for Water about... well, water.

It's another part B this week with a Mandarin, Vietnamese and Tongan language section in part B, as well as a quick chat with Ali Cupper.

Make sure you're subscribed to this website too, as we have a copy of Osher Gunsberg's book "Back After The Break" to giveaway to someone on the mailing list.

For now - enjoy this little video about training magpies. Take note Donny

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