It's time to support local events

Even if it's not usually your scene, our community groups and committee's are working their collective butts off right now to cater for a variety of interests and incorporate them into some of Robinvale's major events.

Top of mind of course is the Robinvale Euston 80 Ski Race which is coming up over the March Long Weekend.

This week we sat down at Loft 13 for a coffee and a chat with Jussy and Kelsey who are part of the Ski Race Event Committee to chat about what's happening.

The short answer to that is HEAPS!

After 4pm on Saturday you no longer have to pay the $5 entry fee, but it's only $5 so why wouldn't you just go for the whole day, but after 4 o'clock there is a foodies market with loads of delicious food, there will be live music from 'The Drowning Sorrows' and fireworks at 9pm.

A massive amount of thanks must go to the local business sponsors like these;

- Select Harvests

- Robinvale Waste

- Robinvale Op-Shop (Perrin Street)

- Tankard Dental

- Mawsons

- Euston Club Resort

- Hammet's Butchery

- Robinvale Community Aid Op Shop

- Dual Chalete

- Bruce Ginn Nationwide Jewellers

- Boundary Bend Olives

- Balranald Shire Council

- Robinvale-Euston Rotary Club

- Tasco Petroleum

- Pisasale Amcal + Pharmacy

- Gino & Kathy Gareffa

- Work 'n' Wear

- Robinvale Newsagency

- Euston Motel

- KT Matchoss Drainage

- Autopro Robinvale

- Bobby Surf

- Moore Street Crash Repairs

- Mildura Robinvale Freight

- Robinvale Car Wash

- Leading Appliances

- Swan Hill Rural City Council

In the middle of this episode you'll also find the interview that Luke did with ABC Radio's

Esther McIntyre a couple of weeks ago, just incase you didn't hear it on the wireless at the time. He's talking about his 42K for 42K fundraising campaign and why it's so close to his heart and what a difference success with this could mean.

We were supposed to have a spot from Esther at RDHS, but some absent mindedness means the audio has been lost and I can't even blame a technical difficulty, although I'd like to. I can't. I was cleaning the hard drive and freeing up some space and deleted old files and... y'know.

So we shall get Mara or Esther or one of our other RDHS friends in to talk about the health service soon.

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