Kady Runs 4Heroes

The headline was "She's Now A Vegan Runner!" But's, she's not really. She's only plant based but will eat fish every now and then, but a runner she is not.

In fact, she didn't even have STRAVA! Oh the horror!

However, she is a member of Victoria Police and Kady Moore, along with every other member of VicPol and indeed every member of the force throughout Australia felt the blow of losing four of their own last week in the horrific accident in Melbourne.

This has lead Kady (along with beautiful dog Jessie)

to join a group of other Victoria Police in running in honour of the fallen four, and to raise money for the organisation who is tasked with caring for Police families - Victoria Police Legacy.

What do Victoria Police Legacy do?

Victoria Police Legacy supports:

  • Members of the police family who have lost a partner who is a serving or retired sworn member of Victoria Police, Protective Services Officer or recruit in training.

  • Serving or retired sworn members and Protective Services Officer who have lost partners.

  • Resigned Members, who fall into one of the above categories, if they have served more than 20 years with Victoria Police.

  • Members who have lost a child aged 21 years or younger.

  • Parents of serving members of Victoria Police and Protective Services Officers where that member was not in a relationship at the time of their death.

  • Members, their partners and families and Police Legatees experiencing grief and hardship caused by imminent or actual death or permanent (prolonged) disability.

You can help Kady and the other member of VicPol who are "Running 4Heroes" by donating here, and keep and eye on the Facebook page and each week of the podcast for updates on her progress and more details.

We also catch up with Ali Cupper this week and try not to drop the "C" word, but she tried to clear up some of the cross border questions and she has some news hot off the press about the water pricing rules and consultation periods.

Then, in an exclusive, Charlie offers to lead our newest sponsor from Southern Cross Business Advisers and his band of brothers, pun fully intended, in a Shadow Rock reunion for a virtual podcast live concert!

It's funny though, Noel & Paul must be out of range, they're not calling me back!

Thanks once again to Robinvale Appliance and Furniture Zone for being our major sponsor and Southern Cross Business Advisers for being smaller sponsors this week - it's greatly appreciated.

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