Live from Autopro Robinvale

What fun we had. Vic sat in the lovely OzTrail camping chair or Donny this week because she's married to the sponsor! :-) Not only that of course, everyone LOVES Vicki Taylor. Everyone, so what a pleasure it was to converse with her.

She managed to pull many unsuspecting customers into the show if only for a fleeting moment, but still, it makes this week's episode quite a unique bag!

Gordon Dickie just happened to walk in for a spot of Christmas shopping when we began, and Gordo has found his calling! I think he shall be back in the not to distant future.

We also had Emily Zappia talking about her little, and rapidly expanding enterprise Z & Zee who are responsible for our very fancy shirts we where on these live occasions.

Tom Lister also dropped in to grab some cleaning gear for his last day of work and managed to squeeze in a 5 minute recap on his recent cricket comeback. (this is also available as a stand alone for our Patrons.)

Daryl McClure is also here to discuss his cycling, cricket and the Woolworth Blast kids heading to the MCG for the Boxing Day test.

We also talk Husqvarna, OzTrail & KingKrome of course and we have more sponsors within this episode for The Jack Bar & Bistro & Bruce Ginn Jewellers.

MASSIVE thank you to some radio friends NOVA Entertainment Journalist Nikole Gunn & Ace

Radio's Jon Vertigan for voicing our sponsor ads this week, and as always to the LA Connection Ant Simpson for doing the intro's for Autopro! It's much appreciated and we know you would normally get paid hundreds for doing that, so we really do give an immense amount of thanks.

Dr Anne Webster's Interview is being released into the regular free feed tomorrow but you can listen to it right now on our Patreon page and help support our podcast from just USD$5 per month.

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