Living on the border

Charlie has been absent for a couple of weeks having a little procedure that apparently everyone of a certain age should have. I wasn't aware of this health requirement so we did have a chat about it and I even got to see the photos! The internal photos, but that is still an image that cannot be unseen.

Given the announcement of the borders opening up again next week we thought we really should catch up with our local members who are always so gracious with their time, despite the fact that Dr Webster is in Canberra sitting in Parliament and Ali having to research the rise of fascism.

I'm not even joking, I wish I was, but I am not.

Ali also gives us a little insight into the hand over of the Mildura Base Hospital and I present, what I think is a fantastic idea to Anne Webster for her to take to the Minister for Water & Environment.

Next week we're talking bees and basketball!

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