NEVER over trust a f*rt

During the course of doing this podcast week in week out, I have learnt that there are some hilarious conversations that happen whilst I’m not recording.

People tend to close off when there is a microphone on…

So sometimes, especially when Charlie is telling his stories, I’ll quietly hit record… like I did here.

He’d told me about a little bowel issue he has, which struck him whilst walking down Chapel Street Prahan.

So as he got into the story, I hit record, and let him tell his tale.

I am so glad I did…

Charlie did give me permission to post this story, but ONLY STRICTLY for our second tier VIP’s and above only and not for general public consumption. So if you're not a PATREON lunch or dinner member, you'll never hear it. But you can sign up here if you're like to become one.

Here’s a warning, there are a few F Bombs dropped, there are a some sensitive / gross subjects discussed and it’s all off mic so the quality isn’t the usually standard, but I did get a laugh… I hope you do it!

Tell your friends to support this podcast and get high brow, content such as this when they sign up to become a Patron!

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