New 'working holiday maker' requirements

On Friday there were some announcements by the Prime Minister about Working Holiday Maker requirements and accommodation regulations. What he’s quoted as saying is true & correct, however, we already know that housing is an issue among our agricultural work force, but having the ability, resources and funds to patrol over crowding and enforce the rules is where it falls apart.

In his statement he said local governments will be observing these health rules and working with the states and territories to put these conditions in place.

So on one hand, this may be actually a great long term fix, but are the Commonwealth Government going to help local government administer this?

We speak to Dr Anne Webster first to ask a few of the questions that growers around Robinvale will be asking, then talk to Ali about the issues around transporting workers to and from work right now.

I must once again thank our State and Federal MP’s for being so accessible to this podcast, and myself as local Councillor. The flow of information being able to get to public ears is extraordinary when we’re all working together for the same outcomes, and that is to ultimately keep our communities safe.

Remember though, this is a Clear Eyes Media production… not a Council project and all opinions expressed are my own and not that of Swan hill Rural City Council.

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