No pressure, but you're being read.

Normally when I write these semi-weekly show notes, they're written specifically to accompany the podcast for the streaming channels. Not a huge amount of thought goes into the process, we just need words, but not too many. I don't really ever consider that anyone ever actually reads this drivel.

However, this week we have our regions most respected writer on the show, so I feel like I have to be very careful with the construction & process. At least for this week!

Kirsten Lloyd is a name you've no doubt seen on many a written piece in Mildura Living Magazine, and you've undoubtably read her work, possibly without even knowing it.

A freelance writer has seen her write & refine articles, marketing and strategic pieces for organisations such as Mallee Family Care, Mildura City Heart, Mildura Regional Development, the ABC, Seasons Mildura and the list honestly goes on. If you've read about a local story or business, chances are Kirsten wrote it, or at least edited it.

'Twas a joy to sit down and chat to Kirsten at The Workshop Creative about her background, her love for the written word, the creative process and why storytelling is so vitally important for our society as a whole. Deep I know, but it's a real joy to listen too so trust me.

Photo courtesy Hawthorn Football Club on Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, pre-freedom day announcements, we had a sit down with Seamus Mitchell in the studio at Network House.

Seamus is home after his rookie season with the Hawthorn / Box Hill Football Club, so naturally he's helping Al & Dean put furniture together for Jack's House, that is, when he's not in the gym "trying to get massive!"

Much to his darling Mother Alison's dismay, albeit, pleasure, Seamus was more than happy to come in for a chat about the season that was, those injuries that could've brought his dreams to a screeching halt, and what happened the day that Clarko resigned.

Those of us that know Seamo, know that he's generally been a young man of very few words, but whether it's feeling ok talking to just another local, or he's using this podcast to practise his media relations skills is neither here nor there to us. We're just glad he agreed to chat.

Listening to him talk about his training and time at the club this year you can almost feel your focus narrow down to the same end goal. Getting more game time in season 2022, and ultimately a regular spot in the senior side for the Hawthorn Footy Club.

He's focussed, he's living the dream and we can live it vicariously through him, and we could not be more excited to watch his future unfold.

Mildura Living are the new sponsors of our humble podcast and we could not be happier or more grateful. A bunch of creative women all in one room, what on earth could possibly go wrong?

Not a great deal when no alcohol is involved, but things can escalate quite quickly whence that changes and you won't be reading about that here, nor listening to any of those shenanigans on the pod. We're so thrilled to hopefully reach a wider audience up into Mildura with their partnership and hopefully really lift the profile of Robinvale as a place to visit, live and invest.

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