Norsiyah's Story

Last week was a warm up for our story teller Norsiyah Mokak. She spoke about her project in response to Covid-19 and her Community Program which is supported by the Robinvale Employment Hub so this week, she’s well warmed up.

This week Norsiyah talks about growing up in the Northern Territory, her struggles, being a teenage Mum, and dealing with grief and loss as a Mother.

I could’ve sat and chatted with Norsiyah all day, and if it hadn’t been for pre-school pick up, I would have.

A word of warning though, there are some heavy topics such as the death of children, pregnancy loss, miscarriage and suicide so if any of this conversation is triggering for you, please see the links to services below.

Also a warning for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners – this episode does talk about people who have passed away.

SANDS - Miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support.

Miscarriage Support Australia

Beyond Blue


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