Phil Egan comes home to perform

To most people that knew him growing up, he's young Phil Egan. Now, he's known around the world as Phil Egan "the performer".

He's not long returned from performing on a 75 show, seven country tour, including London's West End in "Beats On Pointe."

But Phil knows where home is being a proud Mutti Mutti, Yorta Yorta man and he's rapping about it!

On Thursday 12th September, Phil returned to Robinvale to perform during the launch of the Phunktional Robinvale Youth Performing Arts Centre feasability study.

The study illustrated a huge need and want for a regional centre of excellence to harness the artistic talent of our local young people, and artists like Phil are a perfect example of why this is an important project.

Phil danced a traditional Aboriginal dance with Daryl Singh playing didgeridoo, and also performed a hip hop number and rapped about the place he calls home - the 35-49.

We managed to catch up with Phil before he headed to the golf club for a round for a quick chat which is one half of this week's STORYTIME - out Sunday.

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