Phil just misses a third Australian Championship

... and Charlie let's him know about it.

Now, you have to understand that in racing circles, Phil Lamattina is a bit of a rockstar. Like, people want to meet and talk to this guy. He has won two Australian Top Fuel Championships and cheated death at least twice. He's respected and admired in the industry, but this is Robinvale. To most of us that know him here, he's just another blockie, and old school mate, the ball breaker at the footy club and just a bloke with a bit of a racing hobby. Which is why Charlie get's away with what he does.

Last weekend was the Winternationals at Willowbank and the final of the 400 Thunder Series

and the Australian Championship was on the line. Phil, was right up there as a contender, but it wasn't to be.

More importantly though, we've finally getting that ag visa we've been tossing about for years! As part of the deal done between the National Party and the Liberals over the UK Fair Trade Agreement, we will lose the 88 days working holiday maker regional work requirement to extend the visa, but we will have access to a seasonal ag visa for ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and more.

We managed to get Dr Webster on the phone on Wednesday evening whilst she was in Canberra, and again, we're extremely thankful for her making time for us.

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