R U OK? It's long, but necessary

It's really only long because there's so much going on in Robinvale right now, and it's really only a return trip to Mildura, so you're welcome!

We didn't even have time for any external guests this week, it's jam packed full of locals.

We discuss R U Ok? Day and have a very honest and candid chat about our own experiences with mental health issues.

Trav & Noah from Clontarf Academy Robinvale come in for a chat, Paula talks about basketball and the Robinvale Euston Ag show on Sunday, Jack is in for Dang & Dong and discusses the Lantern Festival in Vietnamese, as does Gabi Fong, but she does it in Cantonese.

Kato was absent this week, but Jackson came in to chat about his boys this weekend and Kez & Jess from The Wemen Store fed us fruit which was delicious.

There's loads more of course and if there's anything you'd like us to discuss, please feel free to get in touch, but for now, enjoy.

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