Real estate and netball

You hear about it from a bloke who knows!

Robinvale is having a boom in the real estate market and we talk about that and about how he got into the real estate game with local boy Damian Portaro.

Damian now owns Ray White Real Estate in Mildura and he was going to be Ethan's first stop if he didn't get into the uni course that he wanted, so I figured I'd facilitate a meeting, and Ethan asks the best question I've ever heard him ask a guest!

Charlootz is convinced that no one in Australia gives a toss about the Super Bowl, Jade disagrees, siting that sports fans understand the magnitude of witnessing the greatest quarter-back of all time in action and still winning championships at 43 years old. We shall release a poll on our socials again, so please vote with me and help prove to Charlie that sometimes people care about things that he doesn't.

We also managed to get Maria Abs in the studio to talk about Robinvale Netball season 2021.

She thanks the past committee's and coaches and explains the process from here on in. It's all very exciting and you can hear her talk about it all.

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