Social Work & Stewy

You know Stewy. Glenn Stewart. He's been around for years and years, but no one actually knows what he does. Something to do with training, and even after several conversations we're still not entirely sure, but it's irrelevant now and he can tell you why. He's also got an update on the Ski Race Weekend which is coming up very quickly.

Anil from RDHS is in this week to talk us through what he does and can do for anyone in our community, from navigating government departments, the NDIS, births, deaths and marriages and just being someone to talk to with regard to mental health, physical illness of a loved one, seriously anything you can think of.

Donny is back this week and doesn't he make it known that he's back and don't believe a word he says about the reasons for his absence. He's been busy as all growers this time of year so we've been working around him but maybe it is time to move the podcast studio out to his shed? Thoughts?

We recorded this episode on Friday 24th Jan, so there's all sorts of banter that is dated, but the banter is funny so we left it in. Well, we think we're hilarious.

This week's podcast is live now wherever you get your podcasts.

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