Stage 2 means podcasting via ZOOM

Which is actually pretty good. As much as we would love to be sitting around the table at Robinvale Network House, the podcast nest on the coffee table looking out onto the farm isn't a bad place to be at all.

The quality isn't usually up to my standard, but it's the best we can do right now and considering the closure of two of our area's newspapers, we're pushing on.

We can report, at least for now, that the Robinvale Sentinel will continue to tick over and Marion is currently looking at alternative measures to print the paper for those who still like it in paper form. Otherwise, you can subscribe on their website now and the girls send it out every Wednesday evening.

As far as this week's episode goes; It's just like overhearing a conversation in a cafe, which of course you can't do right now but Charlie is at his house in Mildura, Norto is in a bedroom

in Robinvale, Jade has converted the lounge room coffee table to a podcast nest in Bannerton and Bill is at home near Swan Hill, before he goes out to tend to his sheep!

Technology is a good thing when you use the power for good not evil!

Charlie is on the CCC (Community Consultative Committee) for Mildura Base Hospital so we talk to him about the issue with Dr Sleeman & Hughes losing hospital privileges & the new fever clinics that have been set up.

There are some great infographics to explain why staying at home is so important getting around the internet right now like this one on the ABC website, but if you need information head to the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) website.


Norto tells you how it is with regard to staying the hell home & Bill talks about the SHDH Fever Clinic & answers some questions that have been asked of Council in recent days.

We analyse whether Charlie is cheating his dog Harley out of being able to win a game of naughts and crosses... because we're breaking the big stories here. Tell us what you think...

Have you got something to talk about that isn't virus related..? Download Zoom and let us know so you can come on and have a chat about it.

This may well become my job very soon so support us here: or if you'd like to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION you now can with the help of Phunktional Arts who are a non-profit organisation, who believe in what we're doing here and have offered to auspice the podcast so that corporations and businesses can make tax deductible donations and help make this a sustainable source of news, information and entertainment.

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