Story time at the Euston Pub with Toby Price OAM

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

My love of dirt bikes and racing is something I keep to myself for the most part…

It’s always been there, although I was never allowed to have a dirt bike as a kid. Probably for good reason, my Dad has always said I only know 2 speeds, flat out and stop!

However, I had friends I would go and stay with who taught me to ride and I loved it from the first time I let go of the clutch.

Those teenage weekends were some of the best and the reason why to this day I still want a green motorcycle… because one of the boys I had a crush on had a green bike.Some things never leave you.

During adulthood, I buried it all, my love of dirt bikes, the bush, motorsport and other sports that gave me the title of bogan or tomboy when I was living and working in the city and overseas.

Now that I am back out in the country where I belong, have a couple of boys of my own who love bikes, a husband who just lets me be me, and I care less about what people think, it’s come back in a big way, thanks in part to this bloke who I got to have a chat with at the Euston Pub on Easter Saturday - Toby Price OAM.

Now, in a former life, on Easter Saturday I could be found down at Bells Beach in the media pit, fully accredited thanks to my mate Sharpy and the Rip Curl crew.

I'd hang out all day just to get a few words with Kelly Slater, the late great Andy Irons, Occy, Mick Fanning, Parko, CJ Hobgood and other BIG names on the World Championship Tour at the time.

Those interviews must have sucked! Although I do remember being surrounded by people whilst interview Kelly Slater as he's emerged from the water and getting a few laughs, but it's been a while since I've actually been for a surf or spoken to any of the above.

Given my geography these days I can be found on the back of a boat, the back of a motorcycle, or more recently, on the ground, out cold after coming unstuck. We'll call that interview research, and I'm not sure if I'm still suffering the concussion, but I think it worked!

This interview and the one we got to do at the mental health awareness event, were pretty epic, but Toby made it easy!

He’s not only brought the sport of off road and desert racing into the mainstream with his ability to be able to win every race he enters, but the fact that he’s 6’2, incredibly handsome and humble makes him very marketable, along his willingness to sit down and chat to anyone about it…

...from kids who idolise him to, international motorsport journos, to this small town podcast host who was over the moon to be given an opportunity like this.

People all over the world love him and he’s inspired kids of all ages, including this big kid to discover and re-discover their happy place on a motorcycle.

We have a lot to thank Toby Price for and I could not be more thankful to him for meeting me at the Euston Pub for a chat, (and Mitch for letting us) before an event on Easter Saturday for Western Landcare, Euston Landcare, Far West NSW Health District and the Regional Adversity Mental Health Program.

Clearly I was a bit nervous which doesn’t normally happen to me… EVER… but I’ll be honest, this whole interview and event was keeping me awake at night in the lead up….

… maybe it was the Red Bull I was drinking, maybe it was because it’s a subject matter I actually really enjoy and know a little bit about, but not many people would know that so I’m giving a bit of myself away and I do not like doing that. I know, most of the time I'm an open book, but doesn't everyone have something they keep for themselves?

Maybe my nervousness was just the fact that he’s more handsome in person than I expected him to be, maybe it’s the fact I wanted to sound like I did know what I was talking about and not just some giggly chick with a school girl crush, seeing I am only the second or third woman to ever interview Toby…

Yes, I have it on record contained within the depths of this interview, Toby Price tells me, I am in his top 3. Job done.

… this is my pub chat with Toby Price OAM.

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