STORY TIME | Domenico Garreffa

It’s been a while since we’ve have story time so we’re well overdue and this is a cracker to re-open the account!

Domenico Garreffa, better known to some as Don, Uncle Mick or Nonno, was one of 11 children born in Benestare, Reggio Calabria in 1932, making him 89 years old.

I won’t lie, this chat gave me all the feels. My late grandfather has a similar story, as do many of the Italian’s who spent a month or two on a ship to emigrate to Australia post WWII.

Over this podcast, you’ll hear Mr Garreffa talk about losing his older brother in the war, being bitten by a rabid dog, coming out on the ship at 17 and then the hard work they put in to set up the farms in the district.

He also tells us a story about trying to take a live goat home from the Euston pub on a bike, which gave us all a laugh. He still has a great affection for goats now!

How on earth can you get almost 90 years of memories, stories and wisdom into a an hour long podcast? You just can’t, but we could listen to Mr Garreffa for days and days and we’d love him to come in again. In fact I’d love to just be a fly on the wall with some of his family around the table and a bottle of his home made vino. Then we’d hear some real stories come out I’m sure.

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