The Charlootz Challenge...

... didn't feature Charlootz at all. It was a downright Charlootz chicken out!

Before we start, can I just say, DO NOT TRY THIS ON PUBLIC ROADS or any road for that matter. This entire race was done under the supervision of several professionals and highly controlled conditions. Don’t try this at home.

Over the last couple of months, you might be aware that Charlie has been taunting Phil Lammattina about being a less than adequate driver,

“Phil Schmill…”

“I feel like your a bit chicken Phil”

“First loser…”

So after much planning, Phil booked Mildura’s Sunset Strip for a Thursday afternoon, to which Charlie immediately withdrew from the race…

After this withdrawal it was up to Jade to step up and save what pride was left of this podcast brand, and admittedly we were not confident racing Phil was the best way to sustain any ounce of pride we might have, however we will always put my money where our mouth is.

So a few weeks ago, pre-lockdown, Jade & the stand in Stig, met Phil, Ben from Pioneer Ford our major sponsors as well as Kingsley, Lauren & their kids from the Mildura Drag Club at the strip to settle this fight that Charlie started… Of course, this is where Phil is really in his element, so there was banter aplenty.

Phil gave Jade a quick lesson over a couple of passes to run me through the tree and track etiquette…

Just a note on the cars we’re racing, and you can see this in a video from Sunday night, but Phil was in a Ford Ranger XLT, and Ben managed to find Jade a Bi-Turbo Wildtrak.

Thankfully, Jade also managed to find herself a secret weapon in case things didn’t go well.

To find out exactly what happened, you’ll have to listen to the pod which is in your Patreon feed now! If you're not a Patron, you'll have to wait until 7am on Friday 30th July to find out what happened.

Thanks to Charlie for being too chicken to put his money where his mouth is and letting me race, thanks to Phil for being a good sport and organising the track, thanks to Ben and Pioneer Ford for letting us race and supporting the silly ideas we keep having, thanks to Kingsley and Lauren from the Mildura Drag Racing Club and their children for facilitating the day, and thanks to the stand-in Stig, fully kitted out in Nonno’s race suit, genuinely purchased in Italy in the 90’s!

You can see a lot of footage from the day in a video that will be released on Pioneer Ford’s and our socials this Sunday night.

A reminder: don’t do any of the things you heard on this podcast at home or on the road, it was a highly controlled environment supervised by professionals.

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