The Vale Storytime - Dustin Fletcher

It's become apparent that we we get chatting with some people there are stories aplenty to be told, so we've decided to seperate them out for all number of reasons.

We've also been given some suggestions of who to sit down with, who to chat to and who might have some interesting stories, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. There will be another drop next week from Phil Lamittina talking about his drag racing career and imminent come back to the sport he loves. There will probably be a part two, and possibly a part three to that one at a later date too, because once you get Phil going, he has got story, after story after story.

But for now, Donny, Phil & Jade sat down with Dustin Fletcher at footy training a couple of weeks ago, in the committee room so many apologies for the audio. Our mate Silco from Triple M has worked a bit of magic with it, but we had some irregularity and clicking, possibly from Donny hitting the table, so we did cut it a little short, but it was great to sit down with a great man who is still so humble, easy going and so happy to give back to grass roots.

Enjoy your first story time with Dustin Fletcher.

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