There's no mention of a lockdown... at all! We promise!

In this episode you'll hear not a mention of a lockdown, in fact, quite the contrary.

You'll hear us talk about things that are coming up during the week.

How quickly things can turn around when you put a little Covid viral germ in the community.

We recorded it on Monday before Jade went away, so you can listen to this without hearing about the lockdown at all, we'll do that next week via zoom!

Ben Rogers is in the chair for Charlie and we talk about The Push Up Challenge, which you can join or donate too. We're raising funds for Lifeline Central Victoria and Mallee.

Get details here:

We also have a chat to Ben about his fishing trip up north, about the shortage of stock and the high demand in Ranger's in particular, he signs up to become a sponsor of the Robinvale Rangers Cricket Club, and we lock in a challenge for Phil and Charlootz!

We also talk to Ricardo who has news about the Bendigo Pioneers, because remember, the kid is still only 17!

Then we talk to Phil about Scotty's departure from the footy club, how it all came about and what happens now.

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