Too many super stars for one episode

So we started out the week, in fact last Thursday when we managed to snag the great Dustin Fletcher for a quick chat thanks to the Robinvale Euston Football Netball Club, but since then, this podcast has, for want of a better term, exploded!

We've had hundreds of downloads in the first week, the feedback has been fantastic even with the audio difficulties, and sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, people will cut you down for it. But we're not about that. We're about building up those who are achieving great things in our community and around the world. We're about highlighting the positive because that's just my mind set, and I would hate to think that guests wouldn't want to come on because they're afraid of what we might say or that comments might be taken out of context. So we're focussed on the positives and that's the way it shall stay. We're about inclusion, diversity and highlighting all of the things happening in and around Robinvale.

What I didn't count on though was how enthusiastic everyone would be. After receiving a text from Donny early this morning saying he was having trouble on the farm and he didn't think he'd make it to The Sentinel office to record our little podcast, I thought, well without a co-host the banter might lack a bit, but I think we've done ok. All of our guests came prepared & ready to go which is amazing.

We spoke with Annette Kennedy about the Mallee Almond Blossom Festival this weekend, Jack came in for his Vietnamese spot, we have a great yarn with Kato, Maria Abs has an exclusive for us, Jane was in to speak about all things netball in the last round of the year, Senior Constable Krystle from Victoria Police came in to talk about the L2P program and other things VicPol related, but it's not turning into a true crime podcast, but how cool would that be?

Then we also have Steve Bowden talking about where he is at with his basketball and he's made a bold statement on the record, then Ali Cupper and I'm exhausted!

So we shall release the Dustin Fletcher chat as a bonus episode when our friend of the show "Silco" from Triple M in Mildura has finished producing it, and there will be another bonus series, possibly for MEMBERS ONLY with Phil Lamittina on his Top Fuel Drag Racing team and his come back.

Make sure you're subscribed and you're leaving 5 star reviews if you see fit, it does help us out! Shout outs to our listeners in Poland and the US too!! Donny was right, we're taking Robinvale global!

The L2P launch at Robinvale College this week

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