Top Fuel Dragsters, Footy & chicken... sounds like a great night!

I guess you could say Phil was slightly ambushed this week whence coming out of lockdown we were faced with 24 hours to get a podcast together, and Charlootz was busy working and saving lives.

A simple text message to Phil "Hey, got time today to come in and talk about footy and netball?"

Little did he know that we really needed a co-host sooooooo, sure, you're it Phil!

He has a little moment to himself over his love of chocolate and if you ever want to butter him up, CARAMELLO is the secret word.

Jess & Dave are the owners of the Robinvale Corner Store these days and they come in to tell a little of their story and put the pieces together. These guys are two very valuable members of our community so I dare say they'll be busy busy with different little community projects in the very near future.

BREAKING NEWS TODAY: We have a secured a couple of very exciting events around gin & wine and you get to be part of it, with some amazing discounts on said products. More details to follow, but our VIP's will be first to get the offers so make sure you're signed up to receive our emails.

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