Transitioning to retirement & tax questions answered

It's taken almost a whole year to get Colin Hicks in for a chat. Needless to say he's had a fair amount on his plate, and he's been quite nervous, but after his son Jason Zoomed in from his post in Dubai a few weeks ago, Col agreed to come into Network House for a cuppa and chat after he got out of isolation.

After 45 years as a paramedic in Robinvale, Col is currently transitioning to retirement which leaves a big gapping hole in the intricately woven tapestry of the Robinvale Ambulance Service, however, he doesn't leave without a succession plan and that is his grand-daughter Emma who beings her secondment in Robinvale next week.

Noel Costa also warms up his vocals with a sing-a-long before discussing jobkeeper 2, the tax requirements around different payments now and other tax things that confuse people that don't have commerce & finance degrees.

Lots to talk about and our last one in the same room for at least six weeks as we begin lockdown 2.0

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