Walking Off The War Within

Donny is in for part and not in for part, funny how he turns up when there's jelly cakes!

Bad luck Donny, I ate them both and I'm not even sorry.

Our Mayor, Cr Bill Moar was in for a quick chat, we had planned longer but ran out of time after getting through the mornings activities, so if you have any questions for Bill, please

email us via the website for our catch up next month.

We catch up with Cindy Hinterhozl, Glenn Stewart and Akesa Kei who are your 'Our Place" staff, based at Robinvale College. They explain what Our Place is setting out to achieve and what their roles are.

You can check out the full website here which also boasts a beautiful photo of Cindy. Click here to go straight there, but don't forget to come back!

But the feature this week is our chat with Adam Young, one of the founders of "Walking Off The War Within" a walk with and for emergency service and Defence Force personnel and a big challenge taking place this Saturday at Norwingi Place in Mildura.

Walking Off The War Within is held in memory of Nathan Shanahan, a former Robinvale -

Euston lad whom many of you may remember fondly, he was a returned solider and firefighter, and the walk is in memory of him and other fallen Service Men and Women who have taken their own lives after battling mental health issues.

The Walk is for Emergency Service Personnel, Defence Force Personnel and members of the public to come together to share the burden and march as one.

Nathan was a advocate for mental health and PTSD; sadly, Nathan lost his battle in December 2016. Nathan started Walking Off The War Within, he created the image of a soldier with a shadow on his back and the walks that happen around Australian now are a way that Nathan’s legacy continues.

It's a significant event for the Robinvale community who remember Nathan and we talk to Adam about him, the walk & challenge and how you can get involved.

Check out the website here, register for the event & donate:

There's also a lot of banter going on too and we thought Charlie might be back next week but he has to quarantine himself for at least 2 weeks after travelling to India so you can keep well away from here thanks Charlootz!

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