We have finally reached that point

No longer are we chasing guest for the podcast each week. Now people are contacting us wanting a spot, which means we're running out of room.

However, it also means there's heaps of amazing content that only our VIP's (Very Important Patrons) get to hear, so if you are one, THANK YOU!

If you're not and you'd like to become one, then please do. Just click here.

With over four hours of audio to edit down into a single hour this week, I certainly had my work cut out for me, which is why you can find some of the unedited versions on our Patreon page.

On this episode we have Cr Bill Moar in for a chat about all things SHRCC which includes recycling, Bromley Road, the Aerodrome and more.

John Bond talks about Rotary and the 8 week bowls comp on a Wednesday night, Ross Lamattina comes in with his Dad after competing in and WINNING his very first junior dragster event.

Then we go over the Clontarf Academy for a debrief on the All Star Basketball game with

Leon and Trav gives us a debrief on MAFS so far... This bit, as you may or may not expect is not G rated... it's not quite M, but Parental Guidance is recommended.

He does use the word 'boobs' 'scissoring' & worst of all "sheila!"

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