Well if you insist!

I like to go into these podcast conversations (at least with our guests) well prepared, so imagine my delight when Toni from Mildura Living Magazine mentioned that Brad Fyfe from Solunar was coming in!

The food at Solunar is insane! It feels like your being indulgent, but rather than leaving you feeling naughty and dirty, it leaves you feeling nourished and well fed.

Now if you you haven’t heard of Solunar, don’t worry, I hadn’t either, until Toni brought dumplings and the Yunnan salad in for a lunch a few weeks ago. I was hooked and I’ve been wanting more ever since so when Toni mentioned that Brad was coming in I was obviously excited. Food is one of my favourite subjects of course! :-)

Since this conversation I have been into Solunar and the man who owns the show is running the show behind the counter so I got the full tour of the facility and met the staff.

When meeting all of their smiling happy faces I asked Brad if he was struggling to find staff, and pleasantly he said not really. Rather than advertise actual positions, he advertises for good people and hence, he has the team he has now.

The food was also incredible. I rate my food by level of profanity that comes out of my mouth after the first bite, and let me tell you that this was not suitable for a family show such as this and I am lucky I was alone at the time.

As you may or may not know, earlier this week I was humbled to be nominated for and subsequently to be elected Mayor of the Swan Hill Rural City Council.

It’s such a huge achievement and position I’m so proud to hold so I’m thankful to all other Councillors for their support and faith in me.

What’s genuinely surprised me though, is the amount of support I’ve had some all over the place… my Dad is possibly the most proud I’ve ever seen him, and I’m sure he’s probably where I get this whole business from.

Those who know Tori Ficarra would know that’s he’s a generally stoic man unless he’s telling stories from the good old days, where he tends to get very very animated… but when I ended up at Mum and Dad’s on Tuesday night, he was visibly excited, I’m sure I even got a clap of the hands from him.

Robinvale locals have been genuinely excited, stopping me in the street for congratulations, calling me and texting me and to be honest, I’ve had calls from people from Mildura to Tresco and everywhere in between, even some of my other Councillor friends from other Councillors who would also like to nominate for Mayor.

What makes me proudest though I think is the amount of younger people who are genuinely thrilled, not just for me, but for themselves, feeling like they’re represented.

I want and need to engage young people for the sake of the future, because if it’s still the same people doing exactly the same thing in 10 years time, we’re doing something wrong.

It’s time to inspire others to want to take on roles like Councillor, school council positions, hospital board, Rotary club, Australia Day Breakfast Committee’s, sporting committee’s etc because if no one is ready to take it on when the present people step down, what happens?

Any way, enough of my little rant, I was truly chuffed that Charlie and Donny both wanted to resume the chair in the Network House Studio this week, and although it couldn’t happen on the same day, one of them did bring me flowers...

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