What do you want to be when you grow up?

A rapper, a dancer, an ambo, a mechanic? We're talking about it all today!

We also have a new sponsor - welcome back Robinvale Appliances and Furniture Zone!

I found a very very interesting product in there yesterday so we shall talk about that next week.

This week however, Norto is in to talk about becoming an Ambulance Community Officer in Manangatang and he also discusses the pizza at the Manang Pub. He promises to come back and review the parma next week so hold your breath for that one.

Daniel 'Skip' Rogers from Pioneer Ford also pops in to talk about his progression from a school based apprenticeship to possible retirement before the age of 40. That's a joke but he makes a good point about being in his early 20's with the beginnings of a real estate portfolio whilst his university studying mates are living on noodles, obtaining degrees that they may or may not ever use.

Then Phil Egan, the dancer and the rapper is in to talk about his career that has taken him all around the world, his struggles, his downfall and his rise again to happiness. We also play his new track and roll out his rapper name "Crooked TP". We talk about why he's come up with that stage name too.

Loads to listen too and you can watch the uncut and full interview with Phil here:

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